Pinterest is the most talked about Social Networking site to hit the Internet since Facebook. It gives you another platform to market your business and can be a terrific lead generating source for your products.

To use Pinterest as part of your overall marketing plan you need to know 3 main points:

1. Repinning

Repinning can drive traffic to your website if you do it right.
When you repin a picture on Pinterest the original pinner will be notified by email that their pin has been repinned.  This gives you the chance to be followed by them and then they will look through your boards. Now you have people looking at your boards you need to hold their interest!  You might want boards of the products you sell, products you admire, recipes, fashion etc. Of course Pinterest is a social network so it’s not all about your business – keep a personal feel to your boards and interact personally too.

Pin the specific URL of a post/page to Pinterest (not the site URL)
This is extremely important to get it right! For example; You have seen something on a website or blog that you want to pin to your board, it is crucial you click on the post/page so that you pin from that actual post/page – and not just the site URL. This is important because once that post moves from the home page, no one will be able to  find it. (This applies when pinning from google image search – make sure you pin from the site the image came from).

When pinning write a meaningful description
When you pin a picture to Pinterest you are required  to write a description. This is a great chance to get some traffic to your website. Don’t waste this opportunity with one word descriptions, make sure you describe the picture well so the viewer knows what the picture is!  It is also good Pinterest etiquette to include the website/blog name or tag someone personally.


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2. Comment

Commenting is a good Pinterest marketing strategy that can drive traffic to your website or blog. Simply hold your cursor over a pinned picture and you will see the “comment” tab, the “repin” tab, and the “like” tab.  For business purposes forget about the ‘like’ tab as this doesn’t give you any business benefit. However, the ‘comment’ tab does. When you comment on a pin the comment stays with that pin when it is ever repined so you can see the value of comments, especially on popular pictures. Your comment can now have the opportunity to drive traffic so say something thoughtful. Each time you comment, the person who pinned the picture will be notified, another easy way to expand your business reach.

3. Follow

Following others on Pinterest definitely gives you a chance to get more traffic to your website/blog. Every person you follow gets notified by email that you are following them and either says that they are already following you, or gives them a link to allow them to follow you. In saying this it then turns into an chance to connect with people and to point them to your website and products or information.

Want to find someone to follow?

Simply put your cursor over your name at the top-right toolbar on Pinterest. Then click “Find Friends.”
On this page, you can search your Facebook connections.
Alternatively you can type in a person’s name in the Search bar on Pinterest. After you run a search on the name, click “People” to view user search results.
When you’re viewing someone’s profile, you can click the “Follow All” button or “Follow” for the specific boards you like.

Link your Pinterest account to Facebook and Twitter. You can do this in Settings. When logged in, go to “Settings” by hovering your cursor over your name in the top right corner and select “Settings” from the dropdown menu.

Use to create high-impact messages easily, and hopefully you’ll be repinned like crazy!

This terrific little eBook shows you everything you need to know about Pinterest and how to use it effectively in your small business.

The 38 Page Guide is divided into three easy to follow sections with graphics and instructions on how to use and master Pinterest.

So if you’re interested in using Pinterest to it’s best advantage in your small business then I can thoroughly recommend this eBook.

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