Plant propagation

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Plant propagation is a great way to grow your garden. Typically, it’s done through plant cuttings, a variety of cuttings (from softwood cuttings to roots). This article is going to walk through a step by step guide as to how to properly propagate (say that five times fast).

What plants work well with propagation?

Plants that lend themselves to propagation include perennials (begonias, candytuft, chrysanthemums, carnations, geraniums, penstemon, phlox, sage, sedum) and wood typed plants (bougainvillea, fuchsia, gardenia, heather, honeysuckle, ivy, pyracantha, star jasmine, and willow).

Propagation process

Step 1) Cut the stems

Snip 4-5 inches below the leaf on a steam, and the leaves. It’s fine if you want to leave 2-3 at the top.

Step 2) Rooting hormones

Take the piece you’ve just cut and put it, cut end first, into rooting hormones (you can use powder or liquid). This will encourage plant growth and, depending on the hormone you use, can even prevent root rot.

Step 3) ‘Plant’ the cuttings.

Place the freshly dipped cuttings into a container that has at least 3 inches of

perlite, builder’s sand, or vermiculite.

Step 4) Store the container in a bag

Take the container and store it in a sealing bag, propping it up with twigs to keep the leaves from touching the bag. You only need to open it every once in awhile to air it out.

Step 5) Indirect light required

Take the plant and place it in indirect light.

Step 6) Waiting

After approximately 4-8 weeks the plants will typically have taken root and be ready for transplanting. Once transplanted, they will likely start to need more light to continue to grow.

Further growth

The great news is that once these plants grow enough, they can be hardened by exposing them to increased sunlight and warmth. Within a week or two you’ll notice an increased strength to the plants.




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