Promoting Competitions

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Promoting your competition is a great way to drive targeted traffic to your business website. Therefore, when done well you will be able to promote not only the competition you are running but your products, services, blog or even website to the visitors without any further cost or effort. Running an online competition can also allow you to increase your marketing list if you can capture details when people enter. Then you can simply thank them later for entering your competition and tell them about something they might like from your business. You could even give entrants who didn’t win a major prize a discount voucher if they buy from your site in the future.

Besides online competitions being used as a tool for online marketing, they also act as a way to reward existing customers. You could target existing customers only with a competition and ask them to promote your website for instance for an entry. Or you may just ask your target customers to compete in commenting about a blog post you have written. This way, you are able to get more readers to your blog and engage with them in the content of your blog.

You must be clear in your intentions for running the competition. Do you want to increase sales? Do you want to increase your email list? Do you need more Facebook fans?  Be clear and take the opportunity to build a good relationship with your target market who are your potential customers in the long-term. Competitions just like other marketing strategies such as free gifts lure people to subscribe to your business newsletters thus having them engaged with your business brand. Over time these people will begin to trust your brand and might turn into customers. That is the end result of the intention to run a competition.

Competitions if done properly can help give you and your company credibility which will translate to more people staying in contact with your business. Businesses prefer regular and loyal visitors to onetime visitors. Competitions for that matter help to make one off visitors come back and keep on interacting with you or further subscribe to get more from you and better still, buy from you.

10 Ways to Promote Your Competition

  1. Post it on your Facebook page daily
  2. Post it on networking Facebook pages to suit your target market
  3. Email your existing customer list with a direct link for entry
  4. Twitter about the comp daily
  5. Write a blog post about the prize and include the entry form
  6. Post on as many forums as you can
  7. List it on Competition pages on Facebook
  8. Include details of the comp with every order you send out – either tangible or online
  9. Make a banner or image and link your entry form to it – post the image on your website/blog
  10. Use partners/sponsors to help promote the comp – is someone donating the prize?

Despite the fact that competitions are a crucial way to engage your visitors, you must not spend too much on rewarding the winners when nobody is making a purchase. You are still running a business after all. This will also depend on the available resources and the budget set aside for running the competition. In case your business website is developed and established, it is advisable that such competitions be financed by sponsors who most likely are your suppliers or advertisers. This way, you will be able to maximize your business growth through the use of competitions without it costing you anything.

Here a some tools to help you run a successful competition.

Rafflecopter makes it simple to set up and launch a giveaway promotion. With Rafflecopter, you can embed an entry form on your site that incentives users to perform tasks in exchange for entries into a sweepstakes.

Binkd is a complete Social Media Marketing Platform. It allows you to: – Run Social Media Contests – Digitise your customer rewards program – Use Social Media to communicate to your customers via EDM and SMS – Build powerful incentive programs – Use location check ins to add social media to your marketing mix.




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