Putting Garden Preparation to Work for You

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The Top 10 Garden Preparation Steps for Springtime

  • Plant your seeds, enough for all of the fruits and vegetables that you will want for summer.
  • Don’t forget your herbs! They can be planted during this time too
  • Fertilize plants and renew mulch where necessary to ensure ample growth and healthiness
  • Weed, weed, weed
  • Prune plants that are ready for maintenance (winter planted hibiscus for example)
  • Pay attention to pests, many of which (ex. Aphids) can be dealt with easily with mild treatment, or at the very least stopped from interfering with your plants (ex. Slugs)
  • Once they have flowered, repot Cymbidium Orchids
  • Similarly, repot any root bound plants to support new plants
  • Ensure that herbaceous clumping plants are divided as necessary to support new growth
  • Dead head wherever needed to support the growth of spring bulbs and annuals

September after preparation

If you’ve done the list above, or even one similar to it, your garden has been well prepared and September will be a time of joy. A time where you can sit back, enjoy the increased sunshine and increasing temperatures, and ravel in the beauty of the blossoming plants before you.

There aren’t many feelings much better than enjoying the fact that you have already put in the work necessary to prepare yourself for a season. This applies to life in general, but it also applies to gardening! Putting in the time before, ensures that it’s a good season to observe the results of the warming weather.

In Australia, these increased temperatures actually wind up heating the soil, interrupted only by the necessary rain to keep it moist and healthy. This can be a great time to plant annuals, like marigolds or petunias, to ensure your garden winds up bright and colourful.

It’s also a great time to check out your local garden shows for next year’s inspiration for your home. This inspiration can give you your to-do list for the next season, or just some ideas to play with for this year.

Just be sure that, whatever you do with this time, you don’t neglect your blossoming buddies. Ensure you’re trimming off dead flowers, replant veggies as necessary, and basically just don’t forget to maintain what you’ve worked so hard on!




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