QR Codes

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Do you have a QR code for your business website/pages etc?

QR code is short for Quick Response Code, meaning the code can be read quickly with the click of a camera by a mobile phone. Once you have a QR Code Reader on your Iphone/SmartPhone you simply scan the code and are instantly taken to the website or information of the code. When you scan a QR code you can link to content on the web, activate phone functions such as email, IM and SMS and connect the mobile device to a web browser.
It literally takes less than a minute to install the QR Code Reader onto the phone. You can find an application here – http://reader.kaywa.com/getit

You can make codes for any page you’d like the recipient to land on when they use the code. As I write this blog the service is free and one code generator can be found here – http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ or http://www.qrhacker.com/ You simply enter the URL where the information is written or stored and the code is instantly generated. You then save the code picture to your computer and use it in your marketing efforts, it’s that easy!

QR codes are popular in Japan, Europe and now the US has also embraced the technology. In Australia we are lagging behind a little but they are appearing in magazine advertisements and elsewhere. Expectations abound that the codes will be very popular over the coming year. QR Codes are very cool, will add an element of interest and conversation to your website and are also perceived to be cutting edge—though they have been around since 1994.

How can I use QR codes?

These codes can be very useful for marketing, arousing interest in your website and they also make you appear very tech-savy! Here’s a small list of how they can be utilised.

  • Use on business cards/fridge magnets
  • Facebook and social media
  • Postcards – handout at networking events
  • Printed correspondence
  • Magazine/print advertisements
  • Packaging – printed on bags and boxes
  • Stickers
  • Use to enter contest
  • Use in emails with discount offers/coupons
  • Link to maps/directions to your business

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