Questions to ask yourself when buying a new phone

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Mobile phone technology has come a long way over the past few years. From shrinking in size to changing in plans, there’s a lot to consider before picking up your latest mobile. A well chosen phone can be your best friend in terms of keeping you organized and acting as flashlight, camera, alarm clock, and more… or your worst enemy if you wind up hastily picking a costly plan that you’re now stuck on contract for.

Whether it’s time for an upgrade or you’re buying your first cell phone, ask yourself the following ten questions before heading down to your local vendor to ensure that you’re getting the best deal that you can.


Question 1 Is it time for an upgrade?

Many mobile phone companies work upgrades into your existing plans, anticipating their clients’ need for a new phone before it’s even an issue. Before heading out to buy a new phone, investigate whether you’re eligible for an upgrade. If you are, you could receive discounts, a better plan, and maybe even a free phone.


Question 2 Are there any penalties for switching companies?

If you’re on a fixed term, check how much time you have left before heading out to the store. If you’re intending to back out early, make sure you’re fully aware of all the penalties and service charges before making the decision to switch.


Question 3 What type of phone do you want?

Do you use data? Do you want apps? Do you just want a basic phone? Chances are this is a simple question that’s going to result in shopping for a smartphone of some kind, but it helps to know even that information before heading out to the store.


Question 4 The difference between Androids and iOS?

You may be wondering about the differences between Android and iOS, and you wouldn’t be the first one to wonder if you did. The truth is that there are precious few differences, but the main ones to note are cost and app availability. Androids are cheaper, with less app selection, and of course iPhones then are more expensive with more app selection.


Keep this in mind when determining what type of phone to purchase.


Heading to the store

Once you have figured out what type of phone you want and what company you’ll be going with, head to your local electronics store to see what type of phone you can pick up. Important considerations are cost, battery life, size, and availability, so keep these things in mind when picking up your latest mobile device.



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