Cleaning Recipes

shutterstock_147261692You’ve only got to look in your cupboard to see how many different products you buy for cleaning different areas of your home. We know you want to look after your family’s health and save money so Money Savvy Mums have listed a bunch of safe cleaning product recipes for you to try.
Store bought or chemical cleaning ingredients vary in the type of health hazards they pose. Some cause acute, or immediate, hazards such as skin or respiratory irritation, watery eyes, or chemical burns, while others are associated with chronic, or long-term effects such as cancer.

You might have toilet cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, furniture polish, metal polish, window cleaner, disinfectants, dishwashing powder, rinse aids, air fresheners, shower cleaner, surface cleaner, glass cleaner, drain cleaner, oven cleaner, scouring powders, dish soaps and antibacterial products to name just a few. That’s a lot of toxic chemicals to have in a home, especially when you don’t really need any of them! The recipes below will cut out the chemicals and they are also very money savvy to save you a heap of cash every year on cleaning products.

My all time favourite general cleaner, that I’ve used for over 20 years, is this:
  • 100ml methylated spirits
  • 100ml ammonia
  • 300ml tap water

That’s it! Mix together in a spray bottle and try it out. You can use this on just about any surface including glass and mirrors!

Ready to have fun while still saving your money?

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