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The Cash Only Savings Method

Plastic cards can make it far too easy for us to spend money that we don’t have, and to barely feel it as we overspend. The cash-only saving method has been gaining popularity. The method is based off of the simple principle that forcing yourself to feel the money leaving your pocket can help you to really feel it go, and help you to avoid over spending.

This article will overview the benefits of going with the cash only method of saving, and show how much it can really help.

Avoids transaction fees altogether

The bank and credit cards have two things in common: they’re convenient, and they cost. The cost of spending your own money comes in the form of transaction fees, which can come from exceeding your limit of transactions, going into your overdraft, or even just the form of minimum payments. The cash only method of saving completely eliminates the need for any type of transaction fee.

How much can this save? Anywhere from a few dollars to over ten a month.


Another thing that gets saved when you aren’t spending credit are the interest rates that can really add up in costs over time. The cash only method cannot erase the costs of interest on debt that has already been incurred, but it can save you from creating further interest costs.

How much can this save? Depends on the size of the debts you normally carry, but this method can save upwards of $30 a month.

Gets you access to discounts

Something not every one knows is that spending in cash can provide instant access to discounts not otherwise available. From used card dealerships to big box furniture stores, suppliers often appreciate dealing in instant cash payouts, making them more flexible on price range and cost.

How much can this save? Different dealers offer different sizes, but paying cash only can save between 5-10% (depending where you are shopping).

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