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Targeting utilities: Electricity

Saving money on electricity is something of a no brainer desire. It’s good for the environment, it often costs nothing, and it saves actual money every single month. This article is going to go through some of the most cost effective, easiest ways that you could be saving yourself money every single month.

Who doesn’t want to hear more about that?

Tip #1 Use energy efficient bulbs

Okay, this one may cost a few dollars, but that’s it – and it will save significantly more than that. When you take into consideration the fact that each and every lightbulb in your house could be operating more efficiently, it isn’t hard to see just how easy it is for energy efficient light bulbs to save up to $50 every month.

Change the bulbs today, trust me.

Tip #2 Turn off the lights when you leave a room

If it’s the middle of the day, open the curtains. If it’s the middle of night, you’re going to bed. Make sure that a room is never needlessly lit up when it could be preserving energy costs for the morning.

You can even consider using candles or other alternative forms of lights that optimize your efficient use of electricity and maybe even lend a little class to the place. The bottom line is don’t waste electricity by leaving lights on that don’t need to be on.

Tip #3 Consider the cost of standby electricity

A lot (and I do mean a LOT) of electricity is wasted through standby electricity. Standby electricity refers to the state the television (and most other electronic appliances) are in when they are plugged in but not in use. You can save a significant amount of money just by connecting plugs to a surge protector, and turning it off when you leave the house. That’s it, that’s the tip, and it will save you a lot.

Tip #4 Skip the dryer

More and more households are finding out that it’s just as effective to hang your clothes up as it is to run them through the dryer – and it costs hundreds of dollars less per year.

Some people fear the additional time it takes to dry wet clothes outside, but the truth is they’re often done in as little as an hour, not much more than the electric dryer – but significantly less in terms of cost.

Tip #5 Take advantage of natural light and candle light

This goes hand in hand with what we were talking about earlier, but take full advantage of every opportunity to not rely on electricity that you can.

Tip #6 Lower the heat when you sleep, when you go away, and when you’re not in the house (possible programmable timer assistance)

There’s no need to heat an empty house. While most of us would agree, it’s shocking how many of us still keep our houses at “comfortable temperatures” while no one sits in them all day long.

Considering the massive amount of your bill that goes to heat, think about how much you could save by simply investing in a programmable timer that can turn the heat up and down based on your schedule.

Tip #7 Monitor your own usage

Check your own electricity readings. The law allows electric companies to bill you based on an average reading, rather than the actual reading for the month, potentially costing you for electricity that you did not use. You can redeem this cost by calling in the error!

Tip #8 Understand peak electricity, and don’t use it during those hours

Figure out what the peak hours are in your area, and avoid them as much as you can. Peak hours refer to the hours when the power grid is under its heaviest costs, so electricity literally costs you more just to do something you could likely wait to do.

Tip #9 Optimize your energy efficiency

Make sure you know how to operate efficiently and do it. Consider just a few of the following tips:

  • Clean the seals around the fridge and the filters in the washing machine
  • Only run a full dishwasher load
  • Remove ice build up from freezer
  • Thaw without the microwave

These tips will absolutely save you a significant chunk of change, especially if you start using more than one or two at a time. It may take time to adjust your habits, but your wallet will really thank you for paying attention to how you use electricity

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