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Keeping Moving Costs Down

Nobody likes to move. From the endless packing to the back ache that can only come from lifting and moving for several hours, people often finish a move with a promise “never to do it again”. With all the stress that moving already brings about, there’s no need to let your wallet get hit any harder than it has to. This article will overview tips for keeping the costs of moving itself as low as they can be.

Set up your utilities before the move

This is a twofold process, disconnecting your utilities at the current home, and transferring them to the new home. Try to provide a date for the final reading as soon as you possibly can to avoid incurring extra costs that you didn’t actually wrack up.

Once your current utilities are scheduled to be disconnected, make appointments to get them hooked up at the new house – you won’t want to go without utilities for very long. Take advantage of the time before the move in day to ensure that you’re signed on with the best company available, and to maximize the efficiency of your utility bills in practice for the new house.

Change your address for subscription services

You don’t want to pay for your replacement tenant to read your favorite magazine, or deliver cable to some one whose already buying it in their own name. Transfer your subscriptions (or cancel them) as well in advance of the move as you can, giving the provider time to ensure there’s no mistake in mailing when you’ve moved.

Ask about your security bond

If you’ve taken care of the place you’re in, let it pay off. Make sure you don’t forget to ask your landlord for your bond back. Give the landlords plenty of notice so they have time to get it back to you, or to get back to you with the reason you aren’t getting it back. This also gives you time to repair things they’re complaining about if that will cost you less money, and maximizes your chances of getting the full amount back.


When looking to hire a mover, take the time to do some research. Are the movers you’re looking at affordable? Can you save money by locking in to a moving date sooner? Do they have a reputation for quality? All of these things should be considered before selecting a mover to help, because they can either be a God-send on the day of the move, or a nightmare who breaks all of your furniture. Do the research, and choose responsibly.

These tips will see you well on your way to truly saving while you move. You’ll have enough stress with packing and organizing, why heap on unnecessary financial stress?


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