Saving Energy Costs in the Bedroom

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Keeping your energy bill as low as possible is as easy as doing a bit of research, and making small changes that often add up to more than you might think. Consider the following tips when thinking about ways to save energy in the bedroom.

  • Avoid excess phone charging – your phone only needs a few hours, charging it all night is pure waste of electricity.
  • Energy efficient bulbs
  • Keep extra blankets around for manual temperature control, to avoid middle of the night thermostat turn ups.
  • Turn off the lights when you leave a room, or are going to sleep.

In the kid’s rooms

  • Buy laptops instead of desktops. They tend to be more energy efficient, more space efficient, and more portable, so use a laptop.
  • Close the curtains at dusk to keep the heat in, and the cool winds out.
  • Keep all media attached to surge bars, and turn those bars off when no one is using them. The energy we waste when not doing this is called standby energy, and it is costly. Make sure to put this to good use in the kids’ rooms

In the winter

  • Control your heat – Turn it off when you go to bed, on when you get up. Yes you may have a few chilly moments before you get dressed, but it’s nothing unbearable – and it will make a difference on your heating bill.
  • Close the curtains to keep the heat in
  • Hot water bottles are great for heating the bed, and a lot less costly than an electric blanket
  • Use an extra blanket before turning up the thermostat



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