Saving Energy in the Dining Room

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The dining room, the gathering place for mealtime, social visits, and often a huge pull on your energy bill. This pull may be currently driving your bill upwards, but it doesn’t have to. Consider the following tips when trying to save on energy costs in the dining room.

  • Draw curtains to keep heat in
  • Energy efficient bulbs to save – These babies have been shown to save a pretty penny throughout the year. Change your bulbs today and watch the savings pile in!
  • Turn off the lights when the room isn’t in use – Always. No excuses.
  • Use natural light throughout the day – There’s no need for lights on during the day, much like there’s no need to heat an empty room. Be aware of natural lighting, and take advantage of nature’s little discount.
  • Serve straight to plate to avoid extra dishes and the cost of washing them

These tips can be used in the diningroom, and many can be applied to everywhere in the home. By keeping your eyes open and doing a bit of research, you can save yourself a mint every year on energy bills.



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