Saving Energy in the Kitchen

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The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, and one of the biggest parts of your electricity bill. Consider the following energy saving tips when trying to cut your energy bill.


  • Avoid food waste whenever possible
  • Cook in bulk, several meals at once that can be stored
  • Cut food into small pieces to decrease cooking time
  • Freeze leftovers if not used by the next day
  • Keep a clean oven
  • Keep a running inventory of all the food you have, to avoid over buying
  • Lids should always be on a pot when possible to avoid losing heat
  • Use different sized pans for different sized meals

Dishwashers, helpful or not?

  • Eco settings can help be more energy efficient
  • Only run full loads
  • Switch the device off when it’s not being used

The Fridge and the Freezer

  • Check your fridge and freezer temperature regularly
  • Cool food down before putting it in the fridge
  • Don’t leave the fridge and freezer doors open
  • Place your fridge carefully, preferably away from heat sources or direct sunlight

Using the microwave

  • Cover food with a lid in the microwave (a safe one) to decrease microwave time
  • Reheat food on a stovetop instead of using the microwave
  • Use the fridge to defrost food instead of the microwave

These tips will give you a solid start to lowering your energy bill just by paying attention to what’s happening in the kitchen!




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