Saving Energy in the Livingroom

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You use the livingroom with guests, with family, with entertainment and even just to hang out. It’s a regularly used room that also happens to house a lot of energy sucking electronics (the television, the gaming console, the computer sometimes). Consider the following tips when trying to conserve energy in your livingroom, good for both the environment and your bank balance.

  • Alter brightness settings. Brightness settings cost more, so if you don’t need a TV that bright, don’t have it that way – it’ll be better for you and your wallet.
  • Beware the standby energy. Even when your TV is off, if it isn’t unplugged it’s technically “on standby” and is using energy. Try connecting all of your electronics to surge protectors, and turning those surge protectors off when none of the devices are in use. These savings could be as much as $80-$145/year just for turning things fully off.
  • Close your curtains at night to keep heat in and wind out.
  • Consider energy efficient devices, like a mains controller that will time out when no one is using the devices it’s hooked up to.
  • Energy efficient light bulbs. Did you know that each energy efficient light bulb that you use is saving you as much as $5 each year? This may not sound like a lot, but add up all of the bulbs in your livingroom alone and you’ll see the savings. Change the bulbs wherever possible to energy efficient bulbs.
  • Newer electronic devices tend to be better on energy than older ones, so keep this in mind when replacing televisions, DVD players, computers, and so forth.
  • Use a digital radio instead of your TV if all that you’re doing is listening to music.

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