Saving money on utilities

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Utility bills in Australia are notorious for causing over 30% of living expenses. While it’s true that you can’t stop utility bills from coming, you can do everything in your power to keep them as low as possible. Keep the following tips in mind when trying to save money, you may just find yourself with change to spare!


Air conditioning

A lot of time people turn on the AC when all they really needed to do was purchase a small fan. This simple trick can save up to 80% on your utility bills, and has the added bonus of only needing to be used on rooms that actively have people in them.

Another tip related to air conditioning is to simply maintain the unit by changing the filters periodically to help them run well. The better they run, the less you’ll have to force them to work harder just to maintain the same temperature.

You can also perform system maintenance just by having it checked by its producer periodically to ensure it’s running as well as it can, and using energy efficient devices like a programmer to time when the AC needs to be on.


Change shower heads

Changing shower heads to more energy efficient ones that can help you to control flow and temperature can literally save you hundreds of dollars, with minimal life adjustment. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of this great tip?


Dryer maintenance

You can often get away with using a clothesline instead of an electric dryer, but if you are going to use an electric one make sure that you’re constantly cleaning the lint trap. This reduces the amount of time that it takes to dry clothes and keeps your machine running in tip top shape. You can also try ‘dryer balls’. They come in PVC or you can get wool ones. Dryer balls reduce the amount of time it takes for clothes to dry therefore saving you energy and money. Wool dryer balls also eliminate the need for any fabric softeners in the wash too!


Energy efficient light bulbs

Energy efficiency bulbs use a fraction of the energy that their competitors use, and the less electricity that you use the lower your electricity bill should be. If you’re in doubt as to just how much, try counting how many light bulbs are in your home right now. Now add up those savings by heading over to the department store to replace the bulbs with energy efficient alternatives!



Do you really need Foxtel? Are you sure? It’s costing you at least $30 a month, probably closer to $150… try cancelling it or reducing the cost. There are other option available that might suit your family for less money, take a look at what Stan and Netflix can offer you for a cheaper price.


Insulation issues

You should ensure that, whenever it is within your control, you don’t skimp on insulation. If it’s not within your immediate control, consider using tools to seal spaces between the doors and windows, and using door snakes (thin bean bag like tools that lay in front of a door to prevent heat from escaping).


LED lights

LED lights are a lot less demanding on the electric bill, so keep this in mind when it comes to things like Christmas!



If you know you have a leak, get it fixed. There’s no way to simplify this, a leak will cost you hundreds of wasted dollars if you just leave it – especially depending on where the leak is.


Shorten the shower

Taking a shorter shower uses less water, and can save you hundreds of dollars every year just by cleaning yourself and the kids quickly.


Standby energy

Even when your computer isn’t on, it’s standing by – and using energy to do it. When you’re not using your computer, shut it down (yes all the way down). If it has to stay on, ensure it times off after awhile.


Weather stripping

This simply means looking for areas where drafts could be causing temperature control issues. You can purchase weather stripping to cover these areas, to stop the issues with drafts, and save on the utilities in the process.



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