Making Money From Plants


When you’re looking for ways to make a little extra cash, what better place to look than at a hobby you already you love? Gardening is relaxing, it’s productive, and it can be profitable. This article is going to overview just ten of the ways that you can start to make money with gardening.

Aquatic plants

Aquatic plants are beneficial to sell for two reasons: one, they’re in demand, and two, they’re some of the lowest maintenance plants. These plants are often primarily cared for by fish, so just having a small pond should be sufficient to start your little money makers growing.

Take water lilies. I picked up a few water lilies to spruce up my pond, and they took over not only that pond but also the others I planted them into. The benefit here is that water lily plants are easily portioned into separate plants, so I have been able to start selling them – for $16 a piece no less – individually.


If you aren’t already a composter you should be. Coffee grinds, grass clippings, produce waste, even egg shells can all be put to work creating this highly profitable enriched soil. This can save you money and make you money, and it doesn’t cost you anything but time.

Compost acts as a fertilizer to plants, and is one of the easiest things to cultivate ever. One of the shocking facts about compost though? It sells. I’ve sold bucket after bucket of this stuff, people love compost for their gardens. It seems to enhance the produce with its enriched quality, and has a host of minerals for your plants (or some one else’s!)

Flower seeds

Seeds have a lot of market potential. Your plant naturally generates them, and they sell well. It’s up to you, but I’ve definitely decided long ago not to waste my seeds. Flower seeds in particular seem to sell quite well, I actually sold $56 of just one type of seed one year! Use advertising and save those seeds to make yourself a few extra dollars.

Herbs gardens

Spices are the key to any successful cook, and are instrumental in really flavouring a meal. With that logic in mind, it’s no wonder that herbs and spices are such great sellers, they can be used in a variety of foods and taste delicious. In fact, home grown herbs are actually even more flavourful, and thus often preferred by those looking to supplement their supplies.

Feel free to turn this need for spice into something nice for yourself, a bit of cash!


Perennials are another plant that’s easy to grow and sell because, like aquatic plants, they tend to be easy to divide and relatively low maintenance to care for. Some people regard plants that ‘take over the garden’ as a nuisance, but I enjoy the fact that I can get such a great harvest to sell, and I turn it into extra cash.

Bonus about perennials? They come back! These plants can be taken and divided, but the original plant still comes back every year, what a bargain.

The thing to be certain of with perennials is that it’s time to give them up. Three growing seasons should give you enough time to get to know your plants, ensure they’re growing well, and give you time to understand them. The more you know about these plants, the more thrilled your customers will be by your detailed sales pitches.

Plant propagation

There are some plants that just don’t quit, and that must be reigned in for a successful garden. Consider tomatoes. Tomatoes will grow and grow until they even crowd themselves, unless you propagate them. People often throw out the excess, thinking they’ve helped themselves to a healthier harvest, and while that may be true they have thrown away a profit.

Plant propagation is one way to really start making some cash, by planting the pieces you’d remove anyway and actually growing them a little bit they become entirely sellable in and of themselves!


Produce is always in demand, particularly organically grown produce. Craft your garden, take what you need, and sell off the excess! It’s as simple as that. Though this does require you tending the produce to the point of harvest, chances are it’s produce you would have been caring for anyway.

If you’re planning to go this route, look for a local farmer’s market or set up a little station outside your home. Fresh grown produce always has a market demand in the gardening season.

Seedling plants

Not every one wants to start from scratch when it comes to gardening. You can make a decent amount of money just by growing a few plants ahead of the season, and selling them in their beginning stages.
This can be an extremely profitable endeavour, but it has to be timed right. You need to ensure that you have seedlings that people want, in time for gardening season. The timing can be tricky to figure out, but with a little practice, you can be selling early little growths and turning a profit!

Spice seeds

Herbs are great because they can make easy to sell seedlings or just be sold off as seeds. So long as you give your garden time to seed itself, you’ll have a stock to sell through the season. There’s only a growing market for those looking to grow their own herbs, so this has a lot of potential as well.

Vegetable seeds

As we’ve said, seeds can be saved and sold. So long as you ensure you’re collecting the seeds and selling them in an appropriate amount of time (no one likes old seeds), you’ll end up turning a profit easily.

The two types here to watch for are fresh and heirloom, both of which are great sellers. Ensure that you put those seeds to work for you!




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