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10 Tools you’ll want in your garden

The name of the game with successful gardening is tools. With the right tools, you’ll make garden maintenance a dream, you’ll make your crops easier to tend, and awesome to harvest. This article is going to go over ten of the must have tools for an effective garden to grow.

A good rake

Rakes can be used to both till and clean a garden. In the fall, they’re obviously used with leaves, but they can also be used to spread mulch throughout the garden. It also helps removing roots and rocks from the soil. This is why rakes are such an essential part of your garden tool collection.

Edging tools

It’s important to maintain your whole lawn and garden for the best results, and this often requires the use of a variety of trimming tools. Edging tools, as the name suggests, make it easier for you to trim the edges of the flower bed, giving your whole lawn that clean look. Edging tools can be electronically powered or hand held, it just depends on user preference.

Garden hoes

A good loop hoe is worth its weight in gold in terms of both garden set up, and garden maintenance. This tool can be used in tilling soil, removing roots, and general garden maintenance.

Garden hose

You may think you have the energy to use a watering bucket, but wait until you have to fill it for the fourth time in 15 minutes. A garden hose is the solution that you need, one that you can run to your garden, preferably one with a watering wand attachment that will allow you to control the pressure. This is going to save you time and effort, particularly if you purchase one that comes with an organizing coil.

Pruning scissors

As you can see from the items below, pruning tools are a critical set of tools to have for any well maintained garden. Pruning scissors should be light, but with hefty blades to ensure that whether snipping a string or opening dirt for you it can get done.

Pruning shears

Pruning shears are a step up from scissors, ready for slightly tougher jobs like some branches, but not enough for the really intense jobs (for which you’d likely need a saw). Just ensure that it’s a decently sharp blade before you select a pair of shears.

Pruning saw

Even a small garden will require tending, and a good pruning saw can help with this. Saws come most into use with bigger pruning jobs, like branches, and can be a huge time saver. You should be able to buy a saw that folds, for easy storage, so this is a great tool!


This tool comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on your needs. They can be used for digging holes, clearing soil and tidying the garden, not to mention their use for cleaning the driveway in the winter. Shovels are so useful it may well bear having more than one. This is an effective series of tools, especially when used together.

Line Trimmer

Trimming tools, as the name suggests, are to help complete lawn and garden maintenance. It is a speciality tool that will ensure that no corner of your lawn is unreachable. The recommended type of line trimmer to go with is a battery powered one, this is because it doesn’t need to be cord operated (making it hassle free to move around with).


Wheelbarrows can be extremely helpful for carting items around, whether buckets of soil or piles of lawn maintenance tools. There’s a variety of wheelbarrows to choose from, with different shapes, handle styles, and other features, to ensure you can find the one that works best for you.

Happy gardening!

With these ten tools you’ll already be well on your way to a well maintained, successful garden. These tools are often inexpensive, and can be found at your local department store (seasonally) or gardening centre. Gardening can be a lot of work in and of itself, don’t make it more than it has to be by not equipping yourself correctly.

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