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Think about how much money you spend on yourself, your family and your home each year, not including the regular bills. Now, would you rather keep some of that money for yourself, rather than giving it to someone else?

I bet you would – that’s why you’re here 🙂 So let’s take a look at how you can keep more of your own money!

Coupons and vouchers/deals and discounts!

Couponing and using vouchers in today’s society takes less time than ever – a lot of coupons that would have had to be clipped can now be printed or pictured on your mobile phone. Take some time before you go to the store (be it grocery or any store) and check if your items are on sale. A few dollars saved here and there may not seem like much, but it will add up significantly over time!

Cashrewards have a terrific and very easy way to shop and always get a discount with money back to you too! This is my very favourite way to save hundreds of dollars without any effort every year! They have hundreds of shops including Ebay, Chemist Warehouse, Woolworths, Petbarn, Amazon Australia and Dan Murphys!

You simply add the notifier to your computer and whenever you’re on a site that offers a discount, the notifier will tell you. I buy the Woolworths gift card before I shop and save at least 5% on groceries every time.

Savvy Sites


Catch is the No.1 online shopping store in Australia. They exist to give every Australian the chance to buy high quality branded products at prices they can afford. Oh, and they stock over 1,200,000 items at any given time!
I love Catch for stocking up on household essentials at the beginning of each year! And if you join CashRewards money above you’ll save another 2.8% on your purchases on Catch!

This is the best online bookstore I have found that consistently supplies top books at the best prices and with the best and fastest online service. Books are always a welcome and thoughtful gift for people of all ages, including children. They’re a savvy gift too because the recipient can choose to keep, sell or give away the book once they’ve read it!

Who doesn’t love a book!

Savvy Sites

You can find a ton of money saving places to stay on your next holiday or weekend away using Airbnb! You’ll save thousands over the years by using their services over resorts and other accomodation. Once you try it you’ll wish you’d signed up long before now!

Savvy Sites

Flybuys have been around for years, you simple collect points when you shop and then can turn them into cash or shop on their catalogue. You’ll also get special members offers sent to you.

EveryDay Rewards
You’ll earn 1 point for every dollar* you spend when you scan your Woolworths Rewards card in store and online at Woolworths supermarkets, BWS, participating Caltex and Caltex Woolworths fuel outlets and BIG W. You’ll also be privy to members offers! 200 points = $10 off a shop.

IGA are just starting to roll out reward cards, Western Australia is the first to be released. Until then you can join their newsletter for special discounts and offers.

Bunch is an online community of Woolies customers who’ve been invited to try products and share their thoughts about them. Instead of just receiving tiny samples in store, they give you full-sized portions. In exchange, they want you to cook, experiment and test them on your family – then, let them know what you really think of each product.
Register here on the Woolworths Bunch site to be accepted for receiving free products that you review! Free stuff – perfect.

Get big savings on a range of products and meals in the restaurant. You also get great discounts in store and are sent exclusive offers by email.

Dan Murphy’s
Join Dan Murphy’s and you’ll save a lot of money if you regularly buy alcohol. They have regular members offers, monthly specials and if you’re also a member of CashRewards you’ll get another 4.5% off your online orders! Ordering online is easy and they will have your order ready for pickup almost immediately. It’s free shipping over $50 too!

Have you given Fiverr a go yet? Maybe some gift ideas – get a pet or family Portrait or Caricature done for cheap, an original t-shirt design, a personalised video or perhaps Astrology or Readings? There’s lots to discover – have fun. You’ll get 20% off your first order too using our link!

Get 40% off your first box at HelloFresh using our unique link! They are great value and you can unsubscribe easily at any time. This might be what you need to reduce food waste, lose weight or just so you don’t have to meal plan!

1. There’s probably a discount code for that

All you have to do is search a store’s name in Google and add something like “discount code” or “deals” and you’re sure to find a few different discounts! From ordering food to clothing, most stores have sales going on ALL the time.

  1. Customer service chats can be a good thing

Most of us are pretty quick to exit out of any chat that pops up, but customer service representatives can have access to discount codes which you may not find anywhere else. Just ask them about it or any specials they might have to offer.

  1. Make sure you have an account on any site you’re going to shop

Log into your account before adding anything to your cart. Once you’ve got your items added, leave them in the cart, and leave the site. Typically, the business will email you with a special offer as an incentive to finish the deal!

  1. If you frequently use a site, sign up for their rewards program

Businesses will often send out special promotions to their frequent buyers. This could mean you have access to early sales or maybe special holiday/birthday discounts! You can save quite a bit just by doing what you normally do, which is a bonus for those who like to stick to familiar sites!

  1. Check out the reviews for any site you’re looking to buy from

If you have just found a site you’re interested in shopping on then check it out before entering any personal information or buying anything. This is a good safety precaution. You should also read the reviews before buying a product as people will usually let you know whether it’s a good deal or not. It’s always better to be safe rather than sorry!

Let’s Go Shopping!

thank youWe all have to shop at one stage or another and for a multitude of reasons. Here we’ve put together a bunch of links to the best shopping sites we know and also a load of ideas to help you save money when you have to shop.

Don’t forget to check what kind of rewards/loyalty programs they offer to save you even more!

Bulk Buys

Consider buying meat in bulk, the savings can be substantial, up to 50%!

However, that doesn’t apply to everything, in fact you can often get better deals at your supermarket when the products are on sale. That’s when you need to know the unit price of what you’re buying. (eg; cost per toilet roll, nappy etc) (12 nappies divided by the total price will give you the unit price)

Toilet paper, paper towels etc can be found at Toilet Paper Plus and Toilet Paper Man

If you have a Costco near you then you’re in bulk heaven – consider going in with the family or friends to share your spoils.

Find bulk nappies online at Go Toddler, House of Nappies and Nappy Online





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Buying and Selling – General

The following websites provide information to buy or sell items (both new and second-hand).  In some cases free items to be given away may also be listed.

  • Gumtree – Advertisements (either to sell, receive or give away items) can be posted on the Gumtree website for free.
  • eBay charges a listing fee as well as a percentage of your sale price. eBay has an international reach so that items can be traded overseas.

Free Stuff – General

These websites allow you to give your stuff away for free, or find stuff for free that other people are giving away.

  • FreeCycle Australia – One of the oldest ‘free stuff’ forums, the Freecycle Network is one of the world’s most used free swap networks – made up of many individual local groups. Each local group is moderated by a local volunteer. Membership is free and the FreeCycle movement is not-for-profit.