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Selling at markets can increase your chance of business success substantially. How? Because selling at markets increases your chances of being seen, it gives customers the chance to see your products and touch your products. You can cement your branding at markets and network with others to expand your business reach. Markets have been a crucial stepping stone for many of Australia’s successful businesses. It gives you the chance to talk to people about your products and if they are welcomed into the market you are targeting. It’s not all about just the sales you make at the market, it’s about the promotion of your business while you’re there!

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There’s an art to having a successful market stall.

Display -Your stall should be attractive to customers. Be creative with the space you have been allocated. Use every part of it in a balanced way. Create a stall that captures people’s attention at their eye level, then guide their gaze above and below this level with an array of height displays.

Be sure not to clutter.
Keep stock under the table but display a selection of what you have on the table and boards and always have more than what you’ll think you’ll need.
Make sure your goods are easily accessible so customers can touch and try on anything they want.
Have a change room if you sell clothes, display your items on props so they look inviting.
Have a photo album of your work or products being used or displayed during the creative process or even after sale.
Have a signup form available for your mailing list.

Pricing – The best option for pricing is to have range of items that are priced cheap, mid range and high range.

Customers can be drawn to your stall with cheaper items that can sell easily. These items will probably have a lower profit margin but they should have a higher turnover.
The mid range priced items should be what you sell the most of and should also have a decent profit margin.
You should stock more of these items at your stall and if possible represent all colours, styles etc.
The higher priced ranged items need to be outstanding and attract attention to your stall also, however they probably wont sell as many people tend to spend less than $30 per sale at markets.
However, if you have a website where people can buy these items then they can bring in sales leads. Here’s where you display your business cards and brochures.

Branding – Use your stall to brand your business.

Do this by having your logo distinctively positioned for all to see whether they stop or not!
Have business cards or brochures available and make sure everything you sell has your business logo attached and any marketing material with it also.
Point people to your website and Facebook page at every stage of the sale.
Give customers and potential customers information about your products and business – print up a list of your products with prices. They can take this with them and decide to buy next time!
Wear the items you sell if appropriate and have a t-shirt that brands your biz.

Payments – Ok, this is important. You want to enable customers to pay you any way they like and the ways you are both comfortable with.
Taking orders
Mobile eftpos terminal
Paypal via website – USB Internet access
Paypal Mobile

Attitude – A positive attitude and outlook on the day is essential in drawing customers and sales. Smile, smile, smile and greet people warmly and then leave them alone to browse. Don’t hover but be there for when they need any questions answered. Be respectful, courteous and grateful and always thank them for their patronage.

Ten Essential Market Tips

  1. Take plenty of snacks and water
  2. Have a decent float – lots of $20 and $10’s and moderate $5’s $2’s and $1’s and change
  3. Have a list to check off on the day
  4. Easy care table cloths
  5. Carry bags of various sizes
  6. Plan for all weather – sunscreen, umbrella etc
  7. A chair – you’ll need it
  8. Take plenty of marketing material – business cards etc
  9. Invest in a trolley for getting stuff from the car to the stall
  10. Use what you have around the house for display purposes

Ten More helpful tips

  1. Use lots of little and large product signs to sell your product for you. Make them cute or funny, clear and easy to read.
  2. Hand out your business card, collect email addresses by putting out a list they can add their email to. Offer cards with market dates so people can find you again.
  3. Include a freebie with each sale?  This can be something really simple like some lollies or a free sample of one of your products perhaps!
  4. Decorate your stall beautifully, this will really draw customers.  Cover your boxes of stock with a cloth that covers your entire table to the ground.
  5. Add some fairy lights, table lamps and glamour to your stall.
  6. Use boxes to create several layers on your display.  Use colours that compliment your stock.
  7. Consider having a spare seat for anyone who needs a rest.
  8. Have a ‘SPECIAL OFFER FOR TODAY ONLY’ section on your stall.
  9. Price items for everyone’s budget. Remember kids buy too! People buy for many reasons, birthdays, thank you gifts etc.
  10. Persevere as a stall holder because it is known people like to see you as someone they can trust to be there. Experience shows repeat stall holders do the best over time! Adjust your stall accordingly over time and evolve into what your customers want.

Gift Bag Template
This is a lovely little gift bag that is really easy to make. It can be made out of plain coloured or patterned card, or why not try decorating the card yourself after cutting out the basic shape. Add a gift tag (template provided) and close the bag by folding over the top and sealing with a sticker or tie closed with a piece of ribbon or raffia. These lovely little bags are perfect for small gifts hanging on a Christmas tree.There are two sets of templates for each size, one with the dotted fold lines on (this is great to practice on with a sheet of paper, or if children are making the box), and one with no dotted fold lines (these are harder to use but give a more professional finish).

Packaging Templates
Packaging Templates have a very large array of items for you to choose from. Some of the designs include basket, small box, ornament box and even a pyramid box. You simply click on the thumbnail image then print the page and follow the instructions.


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