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There are some instant ways to save money on your health costs. Health funds in Australia are very competitive so you should take the time to compare your policy to some health funds you might not have heard of, it could save you thousands of dollars!
Make sure you have and are using your Health Care card effectively and understand the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme – you’ll save money.


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Health Care Card
Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme

Funeral Costs
Funerals are big business and can cost money that you simply might not be prepared to pay. However, there are alternatives. Did you know that you can organise a private cremation for well under $2000.00? The funeral home will organise everything for you if you ask. There is no formal service performed and the cremation takes place privately and you then can have the ashes sent to you, picked up or scattered as requested. You can then organise a memorial/celebration for yourself and loved ones to attend if you choose.
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Free Hearing Aids
If you have a Pensioner Concession Card, certain Veterans Affairs cards, or receive Sickness Allowance from Centrelink, you are eligible for free hearing aids. You firstly need to see your GP to be referred to the Australian Government Hearing Services Program. The program will provide a hearing services Voucher which you can then take to an Australian Hearing centre or another hearing services provider.


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