average-people-long-for-the-good-old-days-rich-people-dream-of-the-futureSafety for the aging people in your life is an important factor. Older people need to feel safe in their homes, be safe in their homes and also be safe in the wider community.

Basic home safety includes:
Doors and windows that shut and secure properly
Doors and windows that can be locked
Consider putting a length of dowel in window and door tracks that don’t have locks
Make sure mats are secure to prevent tripping – you can buy ‘non slip mat secure’ at Bunnings etc
Have important phone numbers easy to access, preferably programmed into the phone
A fully stocked first aid kit
Peep hole or locked security screen at the front door
Security screens all around the house
Working outdoor automatic security lights
Non skid mats at outside doors and in the bathrooms
Nothing left around that could cause a fall


The Grey Army

The Grey Army puts real customer service back into a field which seems to have forgotten it exists.

Through a network of area managers covering virtually every suburb, the Grey Army can refer mature tradesmen, with a complete range of skills, all of whom share the Grey Army motto of “Old Fashioned Values and Integrity”. While domestic services remain the core of our business, the Grey Army is now recognised by the whole community as a central source of all home and property maintenance services.

Our 13 11 98 phone number and web site operate Australia wide and direct callers and online job orders to their nearest Grey Army office.
With a single phone call or a quick visit to the website, customers can arrange for the services of one or a number of tradesmen.
All of them will make an appointment, turn up on time, give a fair and reasonable quote and have the skill to do the work.

Hire a Hubby

Hire A Hubby is Australia’s largest handyman business and it is our goal to provide customers from homes, offices, and factories with a complete handyman service, with attention to detail and a focus on customer service.

Mr Handyman

If it squeaks and drips, cracks or rusts, falls off all the time or you keep hitting your head on it,
Mr Handyman has just the thing to fix it! Mr Handyman is the all-round go-to team of guys equipped with every conceivable gadget to solve every householders most irritating (and let’s face it, horrible!) odd jobs!

From putting up shelves to patching your paintwork, cleaning your gutters to chopping down your overgrown weeds, there is no job too big and no job too small for this team of happy fix-its. They also have a canny knack for knowing what that thing is and how to hook it up to those bits so that it works again.


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