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shutterstock_125011718Retiring and having more time on your hands can be quite challenging for some people. After years of work and self discipline all of a sudden you might find yourself a little bored without the stimulation of a work life. It’s important to keep active physically and mentally at all stages of life but especially when we are older. Boredom can lead to laziness, illness and depression and we don’t want any of that!
So here’s a  list of links and ideas to get you excited about what you can look forward to in the coming weeks – enjoy.


Bingo – Local taverns, clubs and community halls are worth checking for your closet bingo event. TIP: Club Bingo is cheaper than Cash Bingo
Walking – Do this each day and you’ll feel good, do your body good and nip boredom in the butt.
Dancing – Check your local paper for dancing groups or classes – a great way to have fun and be social.
Tai Chi, Yoga etc – Not only good for you but a good way to relax, think clearly and have fun.
Gardening – There are gardening opportunities in every community whether it be your local botanic gardens or land care group or specialised group.
Cooking – Check your local paper for cooking classes or start one for you and friends!
Surfing – Surfing clubs abound near the coasts so check out yours for a great social experience.
Library – Your local library is not only about books, they also hold events and need volunteers.
Clubs – RSL, Golf, Football etc. All great to join and help raise funds and help with events.
Volunteering – This can be locally at the nearest hospital or school or globally for added excitement.
GoVolunteer is an initiative of Volunteering Australia. The website uses a national database of volunteering opportunities. These are listed by volunteering involving organisations, Volunteer Resource
Centres and State Volunteer Centres.
Government stuff locally – Your local council is a great place to contact about things to do. Visiting them online is a good first step to finding out what is available to you.
Community Organisations – Find something that interests you and see if there is an organisation that could use your talents or help. Think RSPCA, Red Cross, Charities, etc
Arts/Acting – The local Arts Centre in your area might need volunteers in all areas so give them a call.
Local activities/places – Keep an eye out online and in the papers for events and festivals that are happening near you. Lots of free activities can keep you amused throughout the year. Peruse your local ‘What’s On’ website and the council website.
Camping/cabins etc – Getting away occasionally is good for the soul and a change is as good as a holiday they say! Why not spend a night or two in a place you’ve always wanted to visit? It doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you check out the caravan parks!
Games – Play some old favorites: like cards, checkers, tic-tac-toe, trivia games, etc.

Did you know you can organise a message from the Prime Minister for the special occasions of 50th Wedding Anniversary, 50plus Wedding Anniversary, 90th Birthday and 90plus Birthdays?
The Governor-General will send a message on the 50th Wedding Anniversary, 50plus Wedding Anniversary, 100th Birthday and every year after.
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Check your state to see if the Premier also sends messages.
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