Let’s Go Shopping!

thank youWe all have to shop at one stage or another and for a multitude of reasons. Here we’ve put together a bunch of links to the best shopping sites we know and also a load of ideas to help you save money when you have to shop.

If you’re looking for the best deals of the moment, say on nappies, try visiting Lasoo and typing in what you’re looking for.

Bulk Buys

Consider buying meat in bulk, the savings can be substantial, up to 50%!

However, that doesn’t apply to everything, in fact you can often get better deals at your supermarket when the products are on sale. That’s when you need to know the unit price of what you’re buying. (eg; cost per toilet roll, nappy etc) (12 nappies divided by the total price will give you the unit price)

Toilet paper, paper towels etc can be found at Toilet Paper Plus and Toilet Paper Man

If you have a Costco near you then you’re in bulk heaven – consider going in with the family or friends to share your spoils.

Find bulk nappies online at Go Toddler, House of Nappies and Nappy Online





Discount Stores

Deals Direct

Top Buy

Crazy Sales

Shopping Square

Bargains Online



Online Bargains


Catch of the Day


Grocery Run

My Deal

Strawberry Net


Online Chemists

Chemist Warehouse

Pharmacy Online


Priceline Pharmacy

Chemmart Pharmacy

Your Discount Chemist

Outlet Shopping

Bonds Outlet Store


Factory Outlet Shopping

Kidz Wear Online

Closed Door Sales

Royal Doulton

Factory Seconds


Electro Seconds

Factory Plus

Buy Smarte

Sheridan Manchester


Apple Refurbishments

Online Auctions

Greys Online


Cash Converters




Travel Auctions

Popular Shops

The Iconic


Polly Princess


Dick Smith



More Links

Bargain Shopper

Real Smart

Whats On Sale

Recycling Near You

Top Bargains

Australian Computer Traders

Baby Bargains

Buying and Selling – General

The following websites provide information to buy or sell items (both new and second-hand).  In some cases free items to be given away may also be listed.

  • Gumtree – Advertisements (either to sell, receive or give away items) can be posted on the Gumtree website for free.
  • eBay charges a listing fee as well as a percentage of your sale price. eBay has an international reach so that items can be traded overseas.
  • Tradingpost.com.au is an Australian only website. Charges an upfront fee to list your ad, but comes with a guarantee. Sell it in 4 weeks or your money back.
  • quicksales is a free Australian online auction and shopping site.
  • Oddswop is an independent startup where you can buy and sell or give away items online by uploading and tagging a photo.

Free Stuff – General

These websites allow you to give your stuff away for free, or find stuff for free that other people are giving away.

  • FreeCycle Australia – One of the oldest ‘free stuff’ forums, the Freecycle Network is one of the world’s most used free swap networks – made up of many individual local groups. Each local group is moderated by a local volunteer. Membership is free and the FreeCycle movement is not-for-profit.
  • Tushare
  • Yours2take
  • Ziilch

Book Swapping Online

These websites allow you to swap books online, using a ‘points’ system and sending books by post.

Clothes Swapping

  • The Clothing Exchange holds swaps in Sydney, Melbourne & Canberra.
  • Thread Swap is a website that allows you to swap your clothes and accessories online.
  • Kidscircle is a website where parents can exchange good quality second hand clothes for babies and kids sizes 0000-5.

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