Ten Ways to Simplify Your Life

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People really underestimate the value of simplicity. Simplicity allows clarity to flow freely, makes it hard to hold on to worry, and all around helps us to feel more focused and better. Yet we spend so much of our lives complicating things for ourselves that one often has to wonder how to simplify at all.

Today I’m going to offer you ten simple ways to start simplifying.

Ready? Here we go!

  1. Your goals

The first order of business in simplifying your life is figuring out what you want from it, in as basic terms as possible. By identifying and outlining a few key goals (rather than hundreds of major ones), you open the door to forging a path to attaining those goals – and making room for new ones. Take some time and write down some of your goals to start the simplification process. This is especially important if you want to get your financial life under control.

  1. Negativity

Negativity is another thing that comes naturally to many of us, but is bad for us. Identify the negative thoughts and emotions that are currently clouding your way to happiness and freedom, and begin to form plans to respond to them in a more positive light. Look into natural ways to remain healthy like 5HTP or SAME before dosing up on chemical antidepressants.

  1. Time

We all have the same 24 hour day, yet some of us cram it so full of commitments we can barely keep our heads on straight. In thinking about your goals and what’s important to you, cut out the time commitments that aren’t. This will provide a host of mental energy, and really start to help you see a concrete change. It might help to list what you need or want to do each day, then cull it!

  1. Your stuff

This is another area where we clutter needlessly. Walk through your house, room by room, and decide what you want to keep and what you don’t. And the things you don’t want to keep? Get rid of them. There’s no need for them to be wasting your space or effort in organising, when they aren’t even desired objects anymore! Why not try and make some extra cash and list them online?

  1. Your words

A lot of us are far too wordy for our own good. Think about what you want to say, at the core of it, and try saying it in as few words as possible. This is a fun exercise that can help you see just how much we often complicate things for ourselves, without even thinking about it.

  1. Your food

This is going to sound funny at first, but food can be needlessly complicated too – in the form of harmful additives or useless artificial ingredients. Try to cut down on your processed food and see what that does to your physical energy level. It’s hard work at first, but you’ll be shocked at what a difference it makes. Have you considered you might just be eating too much? This not only adds on the weight and worsening health but the consider the costs too!

  1. Your connections

Being connected to others is great, and a fantastic way to enjoy life, but don’t pressure yourself to be networking 24/7. Enjoy alone time every now and then, and take time to take care of yourself. Saying ‘no’ won’t hurt anyone.

  1. Time spent with technology

Technology is everywhere, and while this has made our lives more convenient it has also made them more demanding. Make sure you’re taking time every single day to be completely tech free. Much like artificial foods, you’ll be shocked to see just how much constant connectedness has been affecting you negatively. Sit outside and list your goals or ring a friend and have a chat.

  1. Multitasking

A lot of us think we’re great multi-taskers, and as the research is coming in it’s showing us to be wrong. When you try to do 100 things at once, you may do half of them acceptably, but you’ll do none of them well, and you’ll still have 50 things to do! Stop multitasking and try instead to focus on one thing at a time.

  1. Debt

Debt is something I find just eats away at people, particularly when we’re trying to rest. If you’re currently in debt, figure out how much, and make a concrete plan to reduce it. Chances are it will go a long way to restoring some peace of mind for you, and that’s worth more than any impulse buy your credit card could afford.




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