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If you’re serious about snagging a great deal use these super savvy sites below!

I Want That Flight
I Want That Flight compares 100s of airlines and show you who is offering the best deals on airfares.
Sometimes it is the airlines directly, sometimes travel agencies, we show them all and then let you book directly. No fees or charges added on – They are 100% free!
They can also send you an Airfare Price Alert when the flight you want drops below your chosen price.

IWantThatFlight.com.au is proudly 100% Australian owned. Check out their flight search below.

Secret Flying
When they find a great deal or a published error price, they immediately post details about the fare on our website. If you like the deal, proceed to book with a third-party online travel agent. It’s as simple as that.

Jetstar has a Friday Frenzy sale every week. Friday Fare Frenzy sales start at 12:00pm and go until 8:00pm AEDT.
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Drive Now CamperVan/Car Rental

Guaranteed with the lowest available rates all in one place and all the time. That’s what makes DriveNow the home of the best rental deals in Australia. DriveNow delivers the widest choice of rental providers and vehicles to guarantee you the lowest and latest prices on car rental in Australia and around the world

Campervan Relocation
Have you heard of campervan relocation? This is where rental companies are desperate enough to move vehicles from one city to another that they will offer rentals for as low as $1! This is a great chance to travel cheaply if you are willing to be flexible with your travel schedule. Coseats, and VroomVroomVroom do campervan relocations.

House Sitting
Try joining Aussie Housesitters or Mind A Home to stay in house sits around Australia. A great way to have a holiday on the cheap and help someone out at the same time!

Also a great way to have your own home and pets looked after while you have a holiday. House sitting is fast becoming the chosen way to holiday as it’s FUN and it’s FREE. You could save thousands of dollars for every week you sit, and you get to live with the locals, in a real home – with all the comfort and convenience that brings.

House sitting

EB Games
EB Games have an interesting loyalty program where you earn ‘carrots’ by buying products and services. Customers can also earn carrots for trading in games and consoles. The reward for earning carrots is similar to frequent flyer points, in that EB Games customers receive increased perks the more ‘carrots’ they earn.
The best thing about EB Games though is that you can find great refurbished products at good prices. This includes consoles and games.

You can find a good selection of refurbished Apple iPads, Macs, iPods and Apple TVs here! EB Games also sell refurbished Apple products.

Groupon Australia Shopping Page
Groupon Australia is the place you start when you want to buy just about anything, anytime, anywhere. This is the perfect site to start your search for anything including restaurants, your local businesses and services as well as beauty and food.

Groupon’s mission is to become the world’s biggest online marketplace. Since launching in major Australian and New Zealand cities in 2011, Groupon has worked with more than 9,500 merchants and built a current customer base of 3.65 million subscribers who have purchased more than 8.6 million vouchers.

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