Skin Type Tips

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Women who have dry skin often feel that their skin is tight, or rough. Dry skin is often also flaky and scaly, and it can sometimes be red or itchy. If you have dry skin, you should avoid washing with hot water. Also, stay away from harsh soaps and chemical based skin care products, as these will only further irritate your skin.

Oily skin is shiny in appearance and often has large pores, it is also prone to acne. If you have oily skin, you should avoid scrubbing your face as this will lead to more breakouts, use natural skin care products.

Normal skin has a healthy glow and does not have any redness or large pores. It is neither oily nor dry, women with this skin type should use products that will help their skin maintain its natural water balance.

Combination skin has areas that are dry and oily. The oily sections are generally the forehead, nose and chin (also known as the T-zone), while cheeks tend to be less oily. Women with combination skin should use products developed specifically for their skin type, in order to avoid over-drying their skin and causing irritation.

Women with sensitive skin should ensure that that they use water-soluble products and wash with tepid water to avoid irritation. Look for natural skin care products.

Women with dry, or sensitive skin should also take short showers or baths of no more than five to ten minutes, using lukewarm water. They should use a moisturising natural body lotion immediately after a shower or bath, natural soap is also useful in keeping the skin properly hydrated.

Daily Skin Care

Every woman’s skin care routine should be made up of three main components, morning and night: cleansing, toning and moisturising all with natural skin care products.

Cleansers remove makeup, dirt and oil. Using natural cleansers that are specifically formulated for your skin type will work best. Make sure to rinse well, splashing the face five to ten times with warm water. Dry gently.

A natural toner removes any remaining traces of oil, dirt and soap. Toners should be applied using a cotton pad or cotton ball. Toners are especially helpful for those with oily or combination skin.

Moisturising is an important final step of every woman’s daily skin care regimen, even oily skin needs to be well moisturised. A natural moisturising cream helps replenish the skin, helping it regain the moisture lost throughout the day and through the cleansing process.

Diet and Your Skin

One of the easiest ways to get healthy, glowing skin is to maintain a balanced diet. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables helps skin look and feel its best while drinking lots of water helps keep skin moisturised.


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