Stop avoiding money and start making it!

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Do you feel like you’re on a treadmill, constantly trying to get to a better place financially but just never seeming to make progress?

Has it been years since you thought about paying a bill on time, and are you carrying a lot of debt?
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Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut at work, even though you want to advance?

Do you have a hard time sleeping at night, as all the financial worries crowd your mind?

If any of these situations sounds familiar, realise that you are not alone. And that there is something that you can do about it. The thing most of these situations have in common is that they involve avoiding dealing with financial matters until forced, a mistake that all too many of us are making.

Avoidance doesn’t mean that you never think about your financial future, or that you don’t want to succeed, it’s just a general avoiding of the steps needed to achieve financial success. People who avoid their finances often have an underlying fear that’s stopping them from actively processing the obstacles and opportunities in front of them, and it is costing them along the way.

This article is going to overview a few potential underlying beliefs, and what to do to break the money avoiding cycle.

The Most Powerful Underlying Belief to Avoidance: Money isn’t good anyway.

A lot of people who have grown up without money make excuses for their situations. This is completely natural and may have taken the form of dismissing it as important, avoiding it because it just made your parents fight, dismissing the rich as unhappy and unhealthy, and forcing yourself to make do with what you have rather than dare to want more.

Some of these things are familiar to us, and some may fit our neighbour a little more. The bottom line is that there are a lot of different types of childhood experiences that can teach us to think about money as a bad thing, rather than a blessing.

While it’s true wealth requires a little more skill and management, it’s something most of us ultimately hope to attain, and we can’t do that so long as we’re avoiding money or its issues.

What to do if you’ve realised you’re a money avoider

So, you’re reading along and thinking “that’s it, this is totally me!” – so what now? Now we’re going to look at a few steps together that are going to put you on the path to making money, rather than avoiding it.

  1. Rewrite the script.

If you’re identifying with thinking of money as in some ways a bad thing, or dismissing it as being important to your goals, take a real hard look at why that might be. Chances are it’s linked to your childhood beliefs about money, but even realising that it will still take time to correct this way of thinking. Try thinking about, or indulging in, charitable giving. Charitable giving is a great way to remind ourselves of the positive value of money, and may re-enforce this newer way of thinking.

  1. Think about how you’re speaking about money

This reframing effort will fall flat on its face if every second sentence out of your mouth only confirms your old beliefs. So, take some time to think about how you want to think about money, and the types of statements that might go along with it. You’d be surprised how much our words affect our mindset, so just by altering how you’re discussing money you may be well on your way to altering your mindset about it!

  1. Get your financial house in order

This means paying those bills, on time. Making plans for bills that will have to wait, rather than just ignoring them. Making a budget that will make it clear how you’re spending, and where you need to go from here. Ultimately, this stage is about getting your financial house in order, and putting you on the track to earning money instead of avoiding it.

  1. Move on, not back

The final step in this equation will be constantly ensuring you’re progressing in your efforts, not running backwards. Two steps forward, one step back may happen every now and then, but it will get quite discouraging if you take one step forward and five steps back – so take time to evaluate your progress and keep yourself on the right track.

Money doesn’t control you, you control it. Take the time to free yourself of negativity surrounding money, get your house in order, and keep moving forward, and you’ll find yourself well on the way to a more fulfilling financial future than you even dreamed possible.

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