Supermarket Marketing Tricks You Need to Know

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Supermarkets have all sorts of marketing tricks up their sleeves. They know full well you’re only in for ‘one thing’ and they aim to capitalize on it to get you spending more soon. Consider the following tactics when you’re shopping, be aware of how they may be used against you!


The sights

There is an absolute science to the way that grocers position their items. First of all, be aware of the concept of eye level marketing. Eye level marketing refers to the tendency that we all have to shop first at what’s at eye level, it’s a matter of convenience but it can come at a cost. Because grocers understand eye level marketing, they often position the most costly products at eye level, trying to create a greater likelihood that you’ll spend more, just for convenience.


Similarly, product placement. Did you just run in for chips and now you’re finding yourself with dip and pop in your hands? Want to know how it happened? Product grouping. Grocers often group products of a similar nature together so that even if you stop for one, chances are you’ll pick up at least another thing off of that shelf – an extra impulse buy that goes straight into their pocket.


The smells

Supermarkets often smell amazing, and while this is no secret, it’s often a bit of a scam. The better the food smells, the more likely you’ll be to feel hungry, adding to your impulse buy list instead of sticking to your budgeted grocery list.


The ordering

Be aware that grocers often set up the most expensive items at the beginning of the store. This is psychological, we’re more likely to commit to a pricier purchase if we haven’t seen the lower cost alternatives first.


The locations

So you’re running in for milk, but instead of being at the front, you now have to run all the way to the back right corner of the store to get to it. Coincidence? I think not. Grocers often place the essentials at the back of the store, forcing consumers who come in for “just one thing” to pass several other tempting displays before they can get to what they came for.


Supermarkets are smart, but they don’t have to get the best of you. As an informed consumer, be aware of the tips and tricks they use to get you to buy more, and avoid it where possible. Your wallet will thank you.



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