Teangi Chambers Metal Sculpture

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We’ve found an incredible artist that we’re very happy to introduce to our readers. Reviewing a sculpture isn’t easy as everyone has their own artistic tastes – but we’re happy to say Teangi Chambers tickled all our fancies!

Teangi carefully boxed up and sent us one of her mini owl sculptures that now takes pride of place in the Aussie Product Review office. The piece has taken on a character of it’s own and makes us smile each time we look at it – and isn’t that what true whimsical art is all about? He stands about 12cm tall and 14cm wide.
Teangi makes all her sculptures from galvanised steel, steel components, paint and love. She makes each sculpture by eye allowing the true essence of each piece to develop while in the making. No two are ever the same and the uniqueness and imperfections are part of their charm. This rings true for our new little buddy ‘Ollie’. His charming seriousness reminds us to keep our minds on the job but his cheekiness still makes us smirk!
If you are interested in sculpture – especially Australian sculpture – then please take a look at Teangi’s website or Facebook page to see what other wonderful creations she has brought into the world.

She has a wonderful passion for animals & nature which comes through in her sculptures.
The rugged elements of the Australian climate are shown through various tortured, textural effects on these creatures.
Residing just south of the Central Coast in New South Wales, Teangi uses a mixture of metal types & components to create her designs.

For a price list or information on sales, consignments or commissions please
email info@sculpturebyteangi.com​.au, phone 0414 393 904 or become a fan on Facebook.