The Rule of Three

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Used in business, The Rule of Three is a good way to keep everything focused and simple when it comes to arranging your marketing efforts, it’s as easy as one, two, three!

People find it easy to remember three things.

You can use the system in many ways – get your customers to see the same message three times, use three areas to target your message – social networks, print media and email marketing for example, use three social networks only or concentrate on your three top selling products for marketing.
Research by Krugman in 1984 showed that the effectiveness of advertising could be gauged in as little as three exposures to the same piece of marketing.

This exposure leads you through the process of
1. Curiosity
2. Recognition and
3. Decision making

The classic sales funnel technique we see today is based on this system.

Some examples of The Rule of Three in marketing include the ‘Slip’, ‘Slop’ ‘Slap’ campaign that was highly successful, ‘Look Right’, ‘Look Left’, ‘Look Right again’ and of course ‘Stop’, ‘Look’ and ‘Listen’. This ‘less is more’ principle is very pertinent in marketing and it works.

Briefly, the Rule of Three is:

  1. Identify three attributes about you or your business.
  2. Identify three channels of communication Eg; newsletter, social media and print ads.
  3. Feed those three attributes into those three channels three times within a three month period and see what happens.
  • Use this principle on your website – three bulleted points instead of four for instance.
  • Three strong points in a presentation. Use lists of three so the points are easily remembered.
  • Write content that can be used in three different ways. On your website – on your blog and perhaps on your social media outlets.
  • Think about only writing content that can be used forever. Think about that – you’ll always have a library of content that can be used in the years to come. It can be leveraged into videos, blog posts, email marketing leads, transcriptions, e-book content etc. Always only write content that you can use again and again!
  • Use a three tiered pricing structure in your business if possible. An example would be membership options – silver, gold and platinum levels.
  • Press releases are a good place to use The Rule of Three – Use three paragraphs with three remarkable points about your business. Try to make up a three point statement that sums up your business uniqueness. People use us for three reasons…
  • Use The Rule of Three to write your ‘elevator’ speech – the 30 second blurb you have to let someone know what your business does.
  • Try it with your ‘Twittering’. One third original marketing material such as tips, advice, links to your website etc – one third re-tweets of relevant information supporting your followers and those you are following and finally one third your conversations and replies.

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