50 Tips for Making Life Easier

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This is a fun list of 50 ways to make life easier!

1. Buy a heap of white towels – easy to clean just add 1/2 cup bleach to the wash.

2. Buy in bulk the things you use the most.

Toilet paper, soap, toothpaste, dishwashing powder/liquid, washing powder/liquid, paper towels, pet food, cleaners, tissues etc.

3. Buy the kids a lot of black and lot of white socks all the same style.

4. Make double of every meal for a while and then freeze the other half.

5. Always have powdered milk in the cupboard – great to use in sauces and cooking.

6. Use a doona and a sheet in the kids rooms, easier for them to make their beds.

7. Put a clothes basket in each bedroom and get them to use it!

8. Liquid soap is cleaner in the bathroom than soap bars and a foaming dispenser will save you even more.

9. Use a calendar to remind yourself when bills are due – put them in a day or two before the actual due date.

10. Keep bathroom cleaners in the bathroom so you can clean quickly. If you have small children then keep all dangerous chemicals away from their reach of course.

11. Buy a heap of good plastic containers and organise the pantry. You can use ‘homebrand’ stuff and no-one will know once you’ve emptied them into their containers! Label them to make it even easier!

12. Have a place where you recharge all your appliances like the phone, Ipod etc. Leave the cords plugged in and ready to go. A drawer is a great idea here, just label each cord to make it even easier.

13. Can you automate a lot of your bills? Only do this if you always have enough money in the bank as the fees for not having enough can be ridiculous.

14. Fold washing as soon as it comes out of the dryer or off the line and you’ll cut your ironing down.

15. Pay the bills as soon as they come if you prefer – that way you’ll never be late! Use Bpay or pay over the phone.

16. Place a bowl by the front door or somewhere convenient and always put your keys and purse in there.

17. Have a home folder with all the phone numbers you constantly need – doctor, school, friends, family, neighbours etc. Also keep this folder filled with the local takeaway pamphlets, your family budget etc.

18. Buy a bulk lot of black pens and keep them in a drawer with a book of stamps, some envelopes and pencil and rubber. Add a stapler and some paperclips.

19. Do your food shopping online – buy up big. You can budget easily this way and take advantage of cheap prices and sale items.

20. In the pantry stock up on the staples like flours, rice, cous cous, polenta, breadcrumbs, stocks, canned foods, soups etc. That way you’ll always be able to make a quick meal without fuss.

21. Have a medicine cabinet that is well stocked – the last thing you want to do when you wake up sick is go out to the chemist.

22. Use a slow cooker – don’t underestimate them. Great for easy, luscious meals.

23. Get the children to do regular chores, they’ll whine a bit at first but soon get used to it. This will take the stress off you. Get them to take out the bin each night or unload the dishwasher etc. Don’t turn them into slaves, just a few jobs!

24. Use a roster on the fridge to keep track of everyone’s activities. Make sure they are aware of what is needed for each activity before the time comes and get them to get their stuff ready the night before.

25. Make a Christmas gift and card and birthday gift and card list. Add this to your calendar. Mark to send a few days before.

26. Plan your meals a month in advance and budget to keep the food bill reasonable. Use the online shopping idea to help.

27. Keep a book with all your computer details. The server, your code numbers, login details etc.

28. Keep a note book with you at all times and jot down things you remember to do or ideas immediately.

29. Consolidate your debts and get them under control.

30. Work out a budget that you can stick to.

31. Use your family for help – ask them to babysit once a month so you have time with your partner or for yourself!

32. Declutter your home and office. You’ll feel less stressed and have much less cleaning to do!

33. Organise a filing system that works for you. File all your bills, tax receipts, medical forms, recipes etc. You’ll instantly know where to look for that paper next time.

34. Plan to run your errands all at the one time. Write a list and go out once a week to accomplish them. Pick up some milk on the way home!

35. Try to keep all your activities local. The closest doctor, dentist, piano lessons etc.

36. Live within your means – this makes life so much easier and stress free!

37. Always keep your car half full or above of petrol. You’ll never have to worry about filling it then in a hurry.

38. Put a ‘No Junk Mail’ sign on your letterbox or just recycle it as soon as it comes into the house.

39. Are your debts being handled the best they can be? Can you bundle the home phone, Internet access etc to get a better deal? Is your health insurance the best for you? Are your home, contents and car insurances the best for you? Sit down one day and go through them, you can save hundreds by changing.

40. Keep a container with batteries of all sizes in it, a little screwdriver set, light globes etc.

41. Have a lost sock and button box in the laundry – go through it periodically to match up and repair.

42. Less is easier to look after – get rid of the stuff you really don’t need or use. Go through your cupboards and garage, you’ll be surprised. The kids rooms are a great place to start!

43. If you can afford it hire a house cleaner once a fortnight or get your lawns mowed when they need it. Get the ironing done for you or use a virtual assistant to help in your business.

44. Put a chalkboard up and ask everyone to write on it what they need or what has just run out.

45. Keep a stash of birthday/gift cards, wrapping paper and stamps ready.

46. Take copies of your driver’s licences, passports, credit cards etc and keep them in a safe place in case you lose the originals. You will have all the information you need quickly on hand.

47. Have a place for everything and then keep everything in it’s place – much easier to find what you’re looking for when you need it.

48. Keep or collect all your small change in one container. It’s easier to grab a few dollars when needed for bread and milk.

49. Get an answering machine and don’t feel like you have to answer the phone every time it rings.

50. Use social media tools to automate and make your Internet life easier.

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