Are You On Track With Saving?

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Starting Savings Now

People who are looking to start saving often are overwhelmed about where exactly this process needs to begin. From wondering what we’re saving for to how best to keep money safe from our own poor habits, advisers can help.

We’ve assembled some of the best advice to get you saving now in this article, to help you put your best saving foot forward. Keep these tips and tricks in mind, no matter what it is that you’re saving for.

Gain perspective on your finances

You are one person (or maybe a family with two people), with limited capacities to earn, and a limited number of years you will be working. Why are you wasting potential wealth you could be amassing? It’s time to start being more proactive, and considering what you can actively do to start your savings.

Tips for becoming proactive

  • Automate savings, and start growing your savings.
  • Budget, budget, budget. Know what your expenses are and what your spending limits are.
  • Be aware of the financial traps you’re most likely to fall into (whether it’s buying a morning cup of coffee or crediting away your money), and target those traps specifically when you’re trying to change your spending habits.
  • Consider your individual financial goals
  • Maximize your free time by looking for ways to earn, even when you’re not at work.
  • Reduce (if possible eliminate) unnecessary spending. Stop picking up lunch when that money could easily be better used on groceries and saving.

Considering your financial goals

Every one has something they’d “like to be able to afford”, these are dreams. Turn one of your dreams into a savings goal by committing to planning to save for it.

Reducing unnecessary spending

Look this isn’t easy for any one. We all have our vices. The point is that if you want to have money, you need to make saving a vice. Find ways to enjoy your bargain hunting, connect savings to a concrete goal, and work with yourself instead of against yourself.

Use your time to analyze your spending habits and cut back on the ones that are costing you unnecessarily.

Start today

People have a million excuses for why saving has to wait. Everything from “I don’t have a savings account yet” to “I don’t have anything extra to put away”. When it comes down to it, most of the time these are just flimsy excuses that fail to hold up to scrutiny.

If you don’t have a savings account yet, get one. If you think you don’t have ANYTHING to save, start saving loose change and re-evaluate your expenses and spending. Put a halt to terrible spending habits by committing to saving, today. Now. Not tomorrow, not next week.

Every minute you put off is another dollar lost to you forever, so the best advice is to start saving – saving anything you can – right now.

Maintain motivation

Remind yourself of your goals, make a targeted plan, save something every single month (even if it’s only a bit). These steps work best when used together, and really go a long way to improving your morale, forming good financial habits, and showing you legitimate (if incremental) progress.




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