Water conservation tips for the kitchen

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Conserving water is great, for both your wallet AND the environment. This article is going to go over how to maximize your water conservation in the kitchen in particular.


Your kitchen is the source of a lot of big parts of your water bill. From washing dishes to making tea and all the leaky faucets, there’s a lot that can contribute to a higher bill for you. Keep these tips in mind to keep your bill as low as it can be, simply by conserving water.


Boil what you need

Only boil water when you intend to use it. It sounds simple, but it’s often overlooked. It’s easy to boil whatever is left in the pot, but you only need to boil one teacup’s worth if you’re only going to drink one teacup. This saves electricity more than water, but still helps the pocket book.


Efficiency appliances

Consider efficiency appliances when really trying to conserve water, whether water flow regulators or buying a new dishwasher.


Fix leaky pipes quickly

Most people at least try to take this seriously, but you need to really drive it home. When you don’t fix a leak the second that you figure it out, you’re willingly throwing away money on water that you’re never going to use.


Keep water in the sink for hand washing instead of running taps

This simple trick could save over $50 a year, just by washing your hands in water that’s sitting in the sink throughout the day.


Reuse water when possible

Use leftover boiled water to partially heat a bath, or water the garden with leftover cupfuls. No need to waste water when you don’t have to.


Run full dish loads only

If you intend to use a dishwasher instead of hand washing, make sure that you’re only running it when the dishwasher is completely full. This will ensure that you’re being as efficient as you can, and save the water on all of the extra loads you won’t be doing.


Turn off the tap when it isn’t in use

When you’re brushing your teeth, you don’t need to have the tap already running. And while you may need hot water to take a bath, do you really need it to wash your hands? Keeping the taps (and water heater) not in use when they don’t have to be can add up to big savings.



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