Water Hardness in Australia

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shutterstock_146711282Laundry detergents work better in “soft water.” Borax naturally softens hard water making almost all detergents more effective so adding 1/2 cup to each full load of washing with your normal detergent will boost your detergent greatly, resulting in a whiter and brighter wash.

The ‘hardness’ of water relates to the amount of minerals it contains, such as mainly calcium and magnesium, and to a lesser degree  iron, manganese and barium salts.


The Australian scale is as follows:

Water TypeHardness in mg/L
Moderately hard61–120
Very hard≥ 181


And here is a guide to the water hardness in Australian capital cities:

CityTotal Hardness as Calcium Carbonate mg/L
Melbourne10 – 26
Hobart5.8 – 34.4
Sydney39.4 – 60.1
Perth29 – 226
Adelaide134 – 148




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