Ways to Protect Your Dining Table

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Many of us spend a good amount of money on our dining setting for our home. If you need to protect your dining table and the investment you made in it then here are five tips for instant piece of mind.

1. Cut a sheet of cardboard to the size of the dining table top. (A large carton or tape together a few pieces) Over this lay a vinyl tablecloth and secure under the table with tape. Now lay over your nice tablecloth. The table will be protected from damage and spills. This is great at family events.

2. Try not to use a polish that contains silicone as this can cause damage to the wood in the long run. Instead, polish with a hard, carnauba wax. Use two soft, lint-free cloths: one to apply the wax and another to polish it. You’ll have to use a lot of elbow grease with this method but you’ll only have to do it maybe once or twice a year.

3. Place a large wooden bread board or two in the centre of the table to place any hot pots and pans on when serving. This will protect the table from heat marks. A table runner style piece of wood would also look good and do the job of protecting your table from heat well. Or perhaps wooden trays.

4. Table protection pads are definitely the way to go if you know your dining table is in for a hard time. You can purchase them from Spotlight or try searching ‘Padded table protector” on Ebay. Alternatively you could measure your table top and purchase some padding or vinyl from Bunnings or even Lyncraft.

5. You could add a glass top or a perspex sheet cut to size if you are really in need of protecting your table top from anything! Ring around for glass prices as they can vary dramatically! You should be able to find perspex at Bunnings or Masters and then have them cut it to size for you.

Extra Tip: It might also be worth buying a set of chair covers if you have children who like to use your dining table for other activities as well as eating at. Don’t buy them at full price though! Wait until the store has a sale by first finding the covers you like and then keeping an eye on the store for when the sale comes up! Sign up to their emails so you don’t miss it.



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