Welcome to the Social Media Marketing Strategy. Part 1

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Social media a free way to promote your business and it has become a way for people to find businesses they can trust. To create a business that customers will come to over and over again is the goal and we also want them to trust you, like you and talk about you.
Building a reputation does take time but it does work so you might as well take the steps to make it happen right now.

Using social media in your marketing plan is essential for businesses of all sizes today. The playing field has changed, for the better. Social media is a low or no cost form of marketing that anyone can utilize.

How you use the social media is of importance as it can be precious time wasted if done incorrectly. The ‘Social Media Marketing Strategy’ is a guide to getting your social media marketing right.

Where to start?

The big 5 in social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and of course blogging all combine to form a powerful network for your business. These can all funnel leads and sales directly to you, automatically and almost effortlessly.

Social media marketing is a combination of using these platforms. These are used to develop a campaign to generate interest in your website and business through the social interactivity they offer.
Over time your popularity increases giving you a substantial online community that you can access and where you can promote your products and services.
It’s a simple, free concept that should be utilised by all businesses.
Social Media Sites

The rate of social media advertising is outgrowing all other media avenues.

Facebook can be used as a highly effective business marketing tool. It’s great for marketing your products, recruiting and connecting with your customers.

People are using Twitter as an effective way to market and personalise their businesses.  All size businesses can communicate quickly and easily to let the world know what they are doing in their business.

LinkedIn boast that they have over 75 million members in over 200 countries. A new member joins approximately every second, and about half of their members are outside the U.S. They also say that executives from all Fortune 500 companies are LinkedIn members.

Founded in February 2005, YouTube is the world’s most popular online video community, allowing millions of people to discover, watch and share originally created videos. YouTube provides a forum for people to connect, inform, and inspire others across the globe and acts as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers large and small.

How to set up a blog

A blog, in the true sense is a medium to post data regularly to interest your customers or followers. There are ways to improve this process so your blog is the best it can be. But first, here’s my post on how to set up a blog.

In the meantime remember these simple blogging start up tips:
•    Sticking to a regular blogging schedule is an easy way to build a reliable blog for your readers.

•    Always try to educate, entertain or inspire others with your blog posts. Give them a reason to want to read your blog.

•    Choose a blog theme that is clean, simple and easy to navigate around.

•    Create a niche for yourself – choose a few topics and stick to them, be the expert your readers are looking for.

•    Promote your blog at every opportunity – Tweet and post on other blogs, use Facebook to direct people to your blog.

•    Reuse your blog posts – collect for an e-book, reuse in getting leads for your website, reuse in newsletters etc.

Here’s how to create a campaign

•    Start with your main website – Fill it with good, useful content for your customers – easy to navigate and able to access all your social media outlets at the click of a button.

•    Then create a blog that is able to showcase your press releases or point people to them. The blog is a funnel to your website, it is updated regularly with interesting, relevant information and can be utilised by RSS.

•    Have a regular outlet for your press releases – this is not only your blog, but also a professional service.

•    Use the information you have written for your website as article fodder and post the information on article distribution sites to gain more leads and improve your credibility in your field.

•    Join the social networks that will benefits your business the most. Be selective in who you follow and keep the contact professional but friendly.

Dedicate about 20 minutes a day to your social networks and automate as much as possible. This means linking your blog to your social media sites, then any information you write on your blog will be linked to on your social media sites at once!


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