Wet Sock Treatment

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Okay it sounds weird, but give it a try before you make fun of it…When we get sick around here one of the first things we give a try (at least on the kiddos) is this Wet Sock Treatment. I had a lady teach me this method a few years ago. She said it was considered to be like a natural “Children’s Tylenol”. I was desperate to give some relief to a sick 3 year old and so I gave it a try. Much to my surprise it worked! We have been using it ever since.

We use Wet Socks for sore throats, congestion and for bringing down fevers just to name a few. Wet socks add just a little comfort when medicine may not be necessary. I would like to note that I am not a medical professional, this is just a tool we have used and had success with. We will usually give this a try and if it does not work, we go for the medicine.

I recently was going through my old stuff and found a printout that she gave me. As we have been fighting our own colds around here, I thought it would be nice to share it with you. I hope it will help you find some relief, too.

Wet Sock Treatment

(Also known as Hydrotherapy For The Feet)

This treatment is best if repeated three nights in a row.

What Does The Wet Sock Treatment Do?

This treatment acts to reflexively increase the circulation and decrease congestion in the upper respiratory passages, the throat and head. It has a sedating action and may help with sleep. The wet sock treatment is known in some circles as “Children’s Tylenol” as it is effective for pain relief, relaxation, and increases the healing response during acute infections.

When To Use

The following are all common ailments for Wet Sock Treatments: Sore throat, or any inflammation or infection of the throat, fever, neck pain, ear infections, headaches, migraines, nasal congestion, bronchitis, sinus infections, and upper respiratory infections.


This treatment should be comfortable you should NOT get chilled during this treatment. Keep warm either in a bed or wrapped in a blanket.

What You Need

  • 1 pair of cotton socks
  • 1 pair of thick wool socks (we used my husband’s old hiking socks)


Step 1: If feet are cold, warm the feet first for 5 minutes by taking a hot shower or bath, or by using a heating pad. No warming is necessary if you have a fever. Dry off completely before continuing.

Step 2: Soak the cotton socks completely in cold water. Be sure to wring out the socks thoroughly so they do not drip. If the dry wool socks become saturated with water, the wet socks are too wet.

Step 3: Place cold socks on feet. Cover with thick wool socks. Go directly to bed and cover up completely with your blanket.

Step 4: Keep the socks on overnight. You will find that the wet socks will be dry in the morning. If you wake up during the night and the socks are already dry, treatment can be repeated before going back to sleep.

CAUTION: If you get chilled during this treatment, discontinue immediately!

ALSO, sometimes we add essential oils to the bottom of our feet or rub some vick’s vapour rub on them before we put the socks on.

Thanks to www.funonadime.net for this tip.




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