What Fuel Should You Use In Your Car?

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This is a confusing question to many of us. There are many different fuels on the market – do you know which fuel is best for your car?IMG_2292

The starting point is to look on the inside of your fuel cap. It might say “Unleaded Fuel Only” or “Premium Unleaded Only” or “98 Octane Unleaded Only”.

The trouble is for us novices the names of the fuel when you pull up at the servo sometimes aren’t the same! All fuel brands use a different name for their unleaded petrol, which is confusing. If you do get it wrong and fill up with the wrong fuel for your car it could cost you hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars in repair costs or simply waste you some money by paying for a more expensive fuel than your car needs.

Let’s try and simplify things: Always check with your vehicle manufacturer if you have doubts.


Standard unleaded petrol, which has on octane rating of 91, is now being replaced by E10. This is the fuel that most petrol cars in Australia use. However, older cars can still have a problem with this fuel as it can break down some materials within the fuel system and cause significant damage.

If you have an older car then you should try premium unleaded, the next fuel listed below.

You can put 95 or 98 octane fuel in these cars but you’ll only be wasting money as the increase in performance will be so minor you wont even notice it.

Mowers and other garden appliances should use premium unleaded as the E10 can damage them.

PREMIUM UNLEAED FUEL ONLY = 95 octane unleaded

If your car says ‘Premium Unleaded Only’ inside the petrol flap then you should fill up with Premium, 95-octane unleaded petrol.

If you choose to use the 91-octane unleaded or the E10 then you could damage your car.

98-OCTANE UNLEADED ONLY = Premium 98-octane unleaded

Premium 98-octane unleaded is the most expensive fuel we have to offer in Australia. Cars with forced induction (turbo or supercharger induction) or ‘direct injection’ usually require this fuel.

If the car says ’98-octane Unleaded Only’ then only use it! You could severely damage your engine if you use any other fuel.

*** Never put a lower-octane fuel in an engine than the one recommended by the manufacturer. This can lead to severe engine damage.

Bio e-flex or ‘Flex Fuel’ can only be used by the latest ‘Flex Fuel’ of Holden’s Commodore.



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