Where do I start?

Everyone is at a different level in their lives financially and emotionally so to figure out where you need to start can be confusing. How you choose to use Money Savvy Mums is up to you. You might only need the tips and hints to get you back in control but others may need more guidance with their money and help on how to budget effectively. Others might need so much help they are feeling over whelmed, like they’re drowning in debt – don’t worry if that’s you, we’ll help you one step at a time.

money-256296_1280The first place everyone must start is to know what you earn and what the household earns and what goes out in expenses every week, month and then year. This is the start of budgeting and it is the most important step you can do! We start you off here and help you know exactly where you are financially, that way you can see what needs to be done to get ahead and be in control. There’s no use pretending things are OK when they are not – this only leads to more stress and more debt. So first things first.

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Our Financial Guidance E-Course is only $15.00 and is the ultimate way for you to control your money and get yourself on the right track financially for the rest of your life –  that’s a big call but we believe once you learn these skills and apply them you can’t go wrong, things will only keep getting better and better for you! This will help you instantly and also start you on the way to managing your money well. There’s no time limit, just work through them at your own pace. Once you have a clear idea of your financial position you can then start to figure out what changes need to be made to make life easier for yourself.


Being in control of your finances brings you so much relief in all areas of your life.

Now where are you wasting your money? – or where is your money going and can it be used in a better flea-market-237463_1280way to make your life easier? These are personal questions that you need to answer honestly. Sometimes it’s obvious where we are wasting our money, gambling, drinking, subscriptions you don’t use, junk foods etc. Other ways aren’t so obvious. Sometimes for those of us who think we are on the right path, but still can’t figure out why we aren’t getting anywhere financially, are not looking at the whole picture clearly. Expenses like paying too much for our broadband and phones, electricity and loans can all add up to hundreds of extra dollars a month that don’t need to be spent!

Every cent you earn is yours and needs to be used in the best way possible! Here’s some of the ways we show you how to get back in control.

  1. You need a folder where you can keep every bill you pay (We encourage you to make a Home Folder, this helps you stay organised) – print out every bill as you receive them and pop them in this folder or a manila folder. This way you can keep track of the details – Eg: how much data you are using and if you can go on a cheaper plan and still not go over this amount of data used. What tariffs you are on for your electricity and if you can find a cheaper deal – We show you how to do this and much more.
  2. Are you paying for anything you don’t use? Memberships to gyms, subscriptions to magazines, unnecessary bank charges, any online costs you don’t use can all add up to wasted money. Check your bank statements, credit card statements and online statements and make sure you know every payment that is coming out. If you don’t recognise one then highlight it and find out where it is coming from and how to cancel it. You can ask the bank about payments if you don’t recognise them too.
  3. Some bills seem like they are out of your control – rent, mortgage, fuel, food, childcare and car costs to name a few. In fact most of these can be reduced one way or another. Moving to a cheaper rental place is a hassle but may be necessary if you’re paying for rooms you don’t use, a garden you don’t require or you just can’t afford it! Negotiating your mortgage is easy and getting the best rate is simple and possible immediately. There are ways to make your fuel go further, you can negotiate childcare costs, spend better on the food budget and reduce the running costs of your car easily! It’s all here and we’ll take you there one step at a time. We’ll save you lots of money if you dare!
  4. Then there are the smaller ways to save and thrive at home. We’ve all been convinced that we ‘need’ certain products from certain companies and that’s just not true. Do you know or care what your friend cleans their toilet with? Do you know how much they paid for their face wash or furniture? Probably not and they probably don’t care what you spend either so don’t let this misconception ruin your financial life – think about your money and your financial future. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have nice things, a clean home and good food. That’s where we show you the alternatives.

macbook-926163_1280So this is where we are going to start – remember to work at your own pace, it’s not a race and we want you to succeed and begin to get a handle on your finances and then begin to be in full control and be happy with your financial life and your home life! It’s possible, no matter where you are financially right now.

So set aside some time alone or with your partner and work through the Financial Guidance E-Course first.




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