Winter in the Australian Garden

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Gardening is a hobby beloved by millions. People love the beauty of fresh flowers, growing their own produce, and the time spent outside. That being said, all too many have been neglecting winter as a part of the gardening season.

In many regions, the garden is shut down by the weather over the winter, but not in Australia. Gardening in Australian winters can involve a lot more garden tending than elsewhere, and be just as rewarding as it is throughout the rest of the year.

Indeed, scientists have long been interested in the benefits of gardening on your health. Studies have particularly shown that just five minutes walking through the garden can be enough to improve your mood and support your health.

This article is going to overview some of the most fun things to do in the garden during an Australian winter.

Add some colour to your collection

Use the season to plant a few annual colourful plants. This will liven up your garden, even if it takes a few weeks to months to grow. You can continually tend your garden throughout the season, allowing you to lift your spirits by cultivating a colourful garden!

Aerate the lawn

After several seasons of being used, several gardens are in a dry spot (particularly after the lengthy drought). One way to counteract this is aerating. Aeration allows the moisture to get back into the soil, and really sets you up for your next season.

Consider the following tips when aerating to properly care for your garden:

  • Choose between electronic aerators or garden forks
    • After you’ve already aerated, if you notice you’re still having trouble getting the moisture into the soil, use a hose to thoroughly give it a soaking.
  • Fertilize your soil
  • Coat the garden with a fine top layer of loam or sand

Groom your garden

This can entail everything from picking up twigs and bark to raking leaves and supplementing mulch levels. Even composting can help to set you up for a healthier garden in the seasons to come. This can be fun work that keeps you outside, and may give you an excuse to get the family involved!

Plant new crops

This is a huge benefit of living in Australia during the winter time, you can still plant several vegetables. This is a great time for cabbage, lettuce, spinach, or other smaller veggies to start their growing for the year.

Prune and maintain your garden

This is also a great time to perform garden maintenance. Weeding, pruning, and tidying are all things that need to be done in the garden, and winter can be a great time to get it done. Clear out dead growths, prune grapevines and roses. Just make sure to avoid any shrubs that are flowering, these aren’t ready for maintenance yet.




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