Writing Sales Copy

Here are 5 steps to address in your sales copy.
The goal is to be honest, friendly and approachable in what you write. Write like your ideal client is sitting right in front of you.

1. The Headline and opening paragraphs – What’s your problem?

In the beginning of this e-course you found out what problems you want to solve for your ideal client. Now it may be that they don’t not know they have this problem or they might need a bit of a reminder how much their problem is a pain in the **** to them.

It’s your job to point out what these problems are. Your headline and opening paragraphs are going to tell them about this problem.
Do they want to make more money? Have whiter teeth? Learn to start a new online business!

2. Why hasn’t someone solved this already?

Now we are going to get more specific about what your ideal clients are about to learn from you. More importantly you are going to tell them how that knowledge will get them closer to their desired result. How their problems will be solved. Be detailed about what you intend to offer your clients.

Why have previous efforts failed to solve their problem? How will yours succeed?
Consider asking the question Is this product/service right for you? This will help you attract your ideal client and more importantly help people figure out if you are right for them.

People want to know what they will get.
1. What will they get from you – Make this crystal clear!
2. List everything they will get without telling them everything!
3. How is your product better than the rest?
4. An infographic can help some people make the decision easier.

3. Trust me – I’m telling the truth.

Your ideal client will buy from those they trust and like. Here’s where you engage with the client and tell them how you came about to offer this product or service. Why do you want to sell it to them? Because it has helped you and now you can help them? How did it help? Was life better after using it? How? Build credibility here by writing a compelling and true story that will get the reader emotionally connected to you. Search out others sales copy and use that as a base to write your own.

4. So what’s so special about it?

Explain here what is great and different about what you are offering, how it can help them to finally solve the problem they have and gain the benefits you set out in step two.

You need to point out what is really different about your product, and how it solves the problem they are concerned about. Testimonials are great for credibility, when you can gather testimonials that answer these questions:

  • Will this work for my situation?
  • Is this going to be too hard?
  • Will I have time for this?
  • What if I need to return this?
  • How can I trust this person?

Try using your testimonials throughout your sales page to reinforce your credibility.

5. Here we go – The Call to Action

You’ve solved their problem now they want what you have to offer. Tell them again succinctly what you promise to offer.

Now tell them to buy it. You must tell people exactly what you want them to do. Whether you want them to sign up to your newsletter, give you their email address, press the buy now button or call you? Whatever it is, make it crystal clear.

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