Your Monthly Savings Challenges

Every month we give you a way to save even more money through our Monthly Sasmallbizshot1vings Challenge. It’s an easy way to boost your savings and keep you on the track to financial freedom!

We’ll keep all the monthly challenges archived on this page for you too so you can catch up on any you may have missed. Enjoy!


Setting up a yearly savings plan. To start the year in a positive savings light we’ve come up with a way  to save you an extra $1378.00! It’s easy and you’ll want to do it every year.



Insurances – what’s worth it? We’ll take you through all the insurances you might have or are considering and figure out which ones you need and which ones you don’t.



Making your own cleaning products this month! So easy and so cheap, making your own cleaning products will save you hundreds of dollars a year and you’ll have custom products that you’ll love.



Reducing the food bill. This month we are going to give you tons of ways to save money on your food bills. We guarantee there will be ideas that you can use to save you hundreds of dollars.



Credit card overhaul. We’re going to reign in your credit cards this month by looking at better deals, ways you can save thousands and tips to keep your credit under control.



Mortgage overhaul. Do you have the best mortgage deal for you? There are many things to consider when shopping around for a good mortgage deal – this month we’ll take a look at them for you.



Making a months worth of meals. Sounds daunting I know but once you try it you’ll be doing it every month! This will not only save you money but heaps of time and stress too.



Technology month – are you on the best Internet phone deal for you? You might think so but deals change quickly and you might be able to save some money here and get more data.



Buying in bulk. There’s a knack to finding the best bulk prices and knowing what you actually need to buy in bulk in the first place. This month we’ll show you how to do it perfectly.



No spending month – only fresh food and bills. That says it all really. I’ll give you some good tips on how to survive a no spending month easily.



Reduce the waste. Not only money, but food, household items and your time! Reducing waste equals saving money so it’s a worthwhile habit to get into if you want to seriously save some money.



The Christmas budget – Here’s where we get to spend some of that hard saved cash! But we want to do it responsibly. We’ve got some great ideas this month to enjoy the season and not look like a scrooge!



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